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THE PHOTO SHOOT           


Dr. Picaloo was murdered in his forensic photo lab. He was investigating suspects in a double murder. He had contacted Detective Brown about meeting him with information. Detective Brown thinks Dr. Picaloo knew who murdered that couple but never got to tell him. We need your help in finding the name before the murderer comes back to take the evidence. 

Completion Rate: 33%
Challenge: Medium
Recommended for ages 10 and up 
Excitement Level: HIGH
This room is great for experienced and first-time escapees


In Zane's Basement! 


Zane Lee was just arrested for capturing innocent people off the street, taking them to his spine chilling basement where they had to decipher his crazed clues to escape. But the people are nowhere to be found! Zane says you and your special forces team have one hour to decipher the clues & escape his basement with the address where the people are or they will never be see again.
Do you have the skills to escape and save the people before the time runs out?

Completion Rate: 28%
Challenge: Medium / High
Recommended for ages 10 and up 
Excitement Level: HIGH